We are Fund manager of different ETFs, Mutual Funds, and private accounts. Some of our main activities in the asset management department:

  • Exchange Traded Fund (ETF): ASA (The first ETF of Iran at August 10, 2013)
  • Mixed Mutual Fund: Arman Adish Fund
  • Stock Mutual Fund: Sobhan Fund
  • Endowment/Charity Mutual Fund: Nikoukari Honar Fund
  • Dividend Paying Mutual Fund: Sepehr Ati Fund
  • More than 50 discretionary mandates, private portfolio management for HNWIs

With a special look towards foreign investors:

We will help our clients to define their objectives, time frames, and comfort level with risk.  For foreign investors in Iranian Capital Market one of the most important risk issues in Foreign Exchange rate risk. For private portfolio management accounts, our team put FX risks with the highest priority in their decisions.  Moreover, Arman Ati has developed investment strategies for Sector based ETFs, and Mutual Funds specialized for foreign investors. We reduce FX risk with investing in Iranian companies and sectors with the highest rate of international currency income. In other words, we select companies with a high correlation with the FX rate changes. This way, Arman Ati Provides the best Iranian currency based ETFs especially designed for the non-rial currency holders.

Moreover, Arman Ati has the knowledge of developing customized off-shore Funds in Equity and/or Fixed for international investors.

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