VC Fund

vcAs a part of its strategy to enter private equity industry, Arman Ati, has took several steps to position itself in this market. It is worth mentioning that private equity in Iran has not been a serious business in Iran, and is not recognized as separate professional industry. However, apparently some developments are on the way. Several venture capital companies have been established in recent years and private sector has begun invest in start-ups and entrepreneurship support system such as accelerators, incubation centers and technology parks. The vision of Iranian government to focus on developing knowledge-based economy and success stories of several IT-driven companies such as DigiKala (a retail ecommerce website), Takhfifan and NetBarg (Two collective discount websites) also fuel entrepreneurship eco-system evolution including VC formation.

VC Fund initiative

Almost 6 months ago we started to develop and introduce a new financial instrument to Iranian financial market. We decided to design the first exchange-traded Venture Capital fund. In this way, access to private equity would be possible for public. After a benchmark study, in collaboration with Iranian exchange organization, VC experts, and legal consultants, the structure, key roles, article of establishment, and prospectus have been devised and submitted to Stock Exchange Organization. We hope unit subscription and fund formation get finalized this year (2015).

Arman Ati Innovation Center

Due to our prior experience in financial services, we decided to start an specialized accelerator to support business ideas in this field. Some of them are about designing and introducing new financial instruments; like project fund, ETF, VC-fund, dividend derivatives; to Iranian capital market. Some other are start-ups which provide services to Iranian financial system stakeholders.

We provide start-up teams with seed money, mentors, network, shared office, and administration assistance. We have a bunch of start-ups in our portfolio right now which a brief of each one is presented bellow.

Bourse Tv:

You can imagine how it is boring, working all of day with rigid financial papers and statements, If had any experience in investment. Reading financial analysis are worse than financial statement it’s dramatically tedious, there is no color, there is no fun, this will add to the market tension and pressure.  Now, bourse Tv is an analytical- news Internet Television which its vision is making investment more joy giving, and maybe more effective.

Bourse brilliant:

Consider your investment process, based on your investment strategy you may read financial statements and news, view charts, read analytical reports , but in all cases you will speak with your friends Certainly. This point make investment a social effort, all of us have a psychological need to communicate others and this need increases when you face a sophisticated decision making like investment. Bourse brilliant is specialized social network in order to make investment more socialized phenomena.

Bourse substance

Prosperous Investment is all about information and timing, whose can access the best information in shortest time increase him success probability. In another way investment strategy play unavoidable role in winning investment process. Always, some heroes emerge in financial markets, people who win in every conditions, who are real fortune teller or at least people think they are.  Now “bourse substance” is name of a project aims to put these three in a nut shell. It’s an information platform, strategy market and an online investment advisory that managed by market’s heroes.


Most of us have a common nostalgia, board games. If you remember one of the famous board games with a relatively complex game play was Monopoly. You had some money, you could invest in real states and business, you won the game if had been richest person in game and what made your destiny was dice. KAREX is a social online mobile game that is tries simulate investment process in a virtual atmosphere. In another way it’s a real monopoly game. In this world you work, invest, become rich (in game world), buy luxury things and share it with your friends.

Our Team

Ali Eslami Bidgoli, MBA

  • Chairman of Arman Ati Investment Advisory
  • Board member of Iranian Society of institutional investors
  • Board member/consultant
    • Mines and Metals Development co.
    • Pasargad Bank
    • Kosar credit institute
  • Ex- CEO of Ezam Construction Investment co.
  • Ex- board member of Tehran Stock Exchange Corporation

Bijan Saedpanah, MBA

  • Head of Market Monitor division and Portfolio Manager at Arman Ati Investment Advisory
  • Managing director of PFS company (providing Business planning, market study, and financial modeling to its clients)
  • CEO assistant at Razavi Stock Brokerage co.
  • Business Analyst at IDROFINANCE.
  • Co-founder of www.BusinessPlan.ir (Most visited Iranian website in its field)

Ardeshir Zohrabi, PhD candidate in finance

  • Senior Financial Analyst at Arman Ati Investment Advisory.
  • Financial Analyst at ABAN stock brokerage company.